• 20A power cords for all 4-7 channel units. Fits standard 15A wall outlets.
  • Bullet proof protection circuitry, for shorting, over/under current and thermal overheat. Modules reactivate automatically after short circuit elimination or current/thermal stabilization.
  • 20A EMI/RFI AC filters.
  • Graceful, rounded wave form at clipping , prevents speaker driver damage
  • 12VDC trigger circuit on all amplifiers.
  • All multichannel units are designed to permit upgrade in power and/or addition of more channels.
  • Rugged 14 gage steel chassis with durable powder coat finish.
  • Aluminum billet face plate with brushed anodize finish.
  • Black film, stainless steel fastening hardware, countersunk for a sleek, easy-clean profile.
  • 3 year parts and labor warranty.


  • Any combination of power levels for 1 – 7 channels. Contact D-Sonic for price.
  • Dual power cords for M3a-5400-7 and M3a-6100-7. Recommended for professional use only. $245.00
  • Dual power cords for M3a-3000S. Recommended for professional use only. $175.00
  • Rack Mount Kit. Commercial grade. All parts necessary to install amplifier into a standard rack rail system. See Rack Mount Kit under Amplifiers/Multichannel in the Home Page header. $97.00.


A/V receivers with preamp out jacks can send processed audio data to an M3a multichannel amplifier for a dramatic increase in power and quality. Many of the latest multi-channel receivers contain high quality preamps and processor chips. You will not need the amplifier section for most or all of the main system, so the less expensive, low power models are ideal. A hi-value option is to use the 3 channel series for the 3 front speakers where approximately 65% of all power is required. This takes a major load off of the receiver power supply so it can provide higher current levels to the surround channels.